My philosophy is simple. Good interactive design requires marketing, content, technology and usability.

I'm Nate Palmer and DesignateMedia is my freelance business. My day job is Marketing Director at CentraCom. However, I feel it is important to continue with selected freelance projects to continue to hone my skills. I've worked on many projects, both large and small for local businesses and internationally. And I'm looking for projects that will challenge me.

My passion is executing creative solutions that meet marketing objectives through innovative combinations of disciplines. I believe a combination of visual design, content presentation and dynamic technologies can effectively engage, but it is the understanding of how to create the right mesh of these core competencies that will set your business apart.

I'm in business to improve your ability to conduct your business. Although I have a proven process, it's not just the process that makes me successful. I'll advise you. I'll stretch you. I believe I will impress you. But, I also listen to you.

Specialties: Understanding technology and how to make it useful as a marketing tool.


Absorb is the step we take to understand you. You have a history, a position in the marketplace, goals and objectives. They offer your clients a level of expertise that we must understand. Through a series of interviews and conferences with key players, we tune ourselves to your needs and take on your business perspectives.

Partners — Your business is our business

In the Clarify stage, we organize and prioritize your goals and establish clear objectives. We establish the vision of how these initiatives harmonize with your short term and long term goals. We define expectations and deliverables, identify communications channels and decision makers for all parties involved.

Vision — A capacity to explain, understand, persuade

The Architect stage produces functional and technical specifications required to fulfill the objectives and requirements outlined in the Clarify stage. This includes determining the overall solutions architecture, meeting corporate image standards, and designing an effective user experience all within the established parameters. These documents then serve as a model for a finished project plan, budget and time line.

Symphony — We bring it all together

This is the stage where the magic occurs. Our talented people work to deliver a project which is on target, on budget and on time. Every creative problem has a good solution. With all elements defined through the Architect step, we work to create a visually engaging and technically sound product.

Meaning — To make a difference in the world

Once a solution is delivered, we begin looking for ways to refine and enhance the product. As performance is tracked and the success of your objectives are evaluated, recommendations are made and the project evolves. The process is based on the understanding that digital solutions are dynamic and living. At the end of the Refine stage, a project returns to the clarify stage and moves forward again in a cycle of creating increasingly effective solutions.

Play — Bringing fun back into work